About Us

The HOW TO Helper, is a Dream-Project of a Brother-Sister Blogger Duo- Ankila and Chetan Bhardwaj, Besides Chartered Accountancy for the Former and 12th Boards for the Later, this is the place they like to invest their time on.

Adventure Tip: Hailing from a complete recognized Doctor’s Family, carrying entirely different professional choices and meeting for same passion of conquering Internet and using it’s power for the good, Here is this Duo, trying to answer and help in all your How-To’s!

This website named “The How To Helper” is just a trial to do every possible justice to it’s name. We start with Technology and vision to cover every possible “How To” you may have ever in your mind.

Ankila Bhardwaj


Just as the picture suggests, Happy-Go-Lucky and Living Life to the Fullest kind of the person. She is very keen to explore everything new out in tech and see how come it works!
Though in Fantasy, She still believes that- There’s a Door out there which leads to Narnia.

To Know More: Connect to her on Twitter.

Chetan Bhardwaj


And, Here is the second face behind this venture, Chetan Bhardwaj. The one who is in real terms intensely in love with tech and “Highly-Antisocial” can tell you everything about the device aptly, after using it for a day. This is the reason he is still on Android and supporting One Plus and Ankila Bhardwaj has stepped up with iPhone 😛 . A person much much fast-forwarded than his age!

Connect to him on Twitter.

We will be more than happy if you provide us, th1e topics you want to see on the website first and the queries you want us to answer. Just write to us on our official mail: [email protected]