How to  Enable Double Tap to Wake on the Nexus 6P (DT2W)



Though over the past few years many changes were witnessed in touchscreen devices. However, the one thing that didn’t change was the way we unlock our device. We always had a button to unlock the device. May it be power button, volume button, etc. In the recent years the double tap feature stand out from the other features to unlock the device. In this article, we will teach you how to enable double tap to wake on Nexus.

Double Tap to Wake (DT2W) feature

Double Tap to wake or DT2W feature is available on LG phones and OnePlus phones. This feature is also available in some BlackBerry devices. You don’t need to press a button to unlock the device. With Double Tap to Wake feature, you can just double tap on the phone display to unlock the device. Very convenient, isn’t it? This is a quick way to check notifications and unlock the device. These days, smartphones come with power button located in various sorts of places on the Android device. This ‘Double Tap to Wake’ feature is super handy when the device is lying on its back and the power button is also at the back of the device.

If you are using the all new Nexus 6P or have switched from LG or OnePlus phones to Nexus 6P, you must have found out that ‘Double Tap to Wake’ feature is not supported. Despite having all the new and exciting features, users were rooting for the ‘double Tap to Wake’ feature.

Thankfully, XDA developers under the name of flar2  have found out that the code for the ‘Double Tap to wake’ feature is already existing in the system. These settings are in the dormant state, and they can be easily activated.

How to Enable Double Tap to Wake feature on the Nexus 6P


1: Do not try this procedure on any other devices apart from Nexus 6P. You can brick your device.

2: We don’t take any responsibility for damage that occurs in your Android device while following this tutorial. Do it at your own risk.


1: Before you begin the process, ensure that the your Nexus 6P device has more than 50% of the battery.

2: The device must be rooted.

3: Terminal emulator app must be downloaded an installed on your Nexus 6P

Step by Step Guide to Enable Double Tap to Wake feature on the Nexus 6P

Step 1: Open terminal emulator app on your Nexus 6P and grant root access to the app.

Step 2: Type the below mentioned one line command in the terminal emulator

echo 1> /sys/devices/soc.0/f9924000.i2c/i2c-2/2-0070/input/input0/wake_gesture

Step 3: That’s it. The ‘Double Tap to Wake’ feature is enabled.

The downside of this approach is this hidden feature goes back into dormant state as soon as the Nexus 6P is rebooted. In order to enable the ‘Double Tap to Wake’ feature you need to repeat the above mentioned process.

If you want this feature to work even after the Nexus 6P is rebooted, then you can go to XDA forum. On the XDA forum, custom kernel called ‘ElementalX’ has been developed. They have also provided for the Nexus 6P. You have to root your device and flash a custom kernel which is available for Nexus 6P to enable the ‘Double Tap to Wke’ feature permanently.

Hope this tutorial was able to help you, and you were successful in enabling the ‘Double Tap to Wake’ feature on your Nexus 6P device.