How To Enable Root Access On CM13 (CyanogenMod)


CM13 also known as CyanogemMod13. CyanogenMod is the most developed ROM in the custom ROM community. Its famous and used as a third-party ROM for Android devices. It will provide a user-controlled software  experience on Android. In this guide, you will learn how to enable root access on CM13.

How To Enable Root Access On CM13
How To Enable Root Access On CM13

What is CyanogenMod ROM?

The CyanogenMod ROM was developed by Team CM. It lets you control various aspects of Android. It has no bloatware and come with an inbuilt Super User Manager by which you can disable root as per the user need. The user can also allow root access for apps or ADB or both. To see these settings, user has to enable the developer’s option on CyanogenMod ROM. The most recent version of the ROM is CM13 (CyanogenMod ROM 13). This latest version lets user have a control on root access on the device. By rooting a user can use the device to its full potential.

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Now, as we know about CyanogenMod, another question arises, why do we need to enable it root settings?

Why do we need to enable root settings on CM13?

As discussed earlier CyanogenMod is a famous custom ROM for Android devices. With the Root access you can make various changes in the settings of your phone. By enabling root settings. You can customize the boot animation, change the frequency setting of CPU, etc. Also you can modify the system settings on your device.

Below is a guide which will provide the entire process to enable root access on CM13 in an easy step by step fashion.

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How To Enable Root Access On CM13?

Note: This guide is only for CyanogenMod 13 ROM

Step 1: The ROOT access settings are under Developer options in CyanogenMod ROMs. First, we have to enable ‘Developer Option’ on our Android device.

Step 2: Go to settings.

Step 3: In settings, choose ‘About phone’.

Step 4: Tap seven times on build number.

Step 5: Return back to settings.

Step 6: In settings, now you can see ‘Developer options’.

Step 7: Now to enable root access, open Developer options.

Step 8: By default, root access is disabled. Click on the root access.

Step 9: A list will appear which includes:

  • Disabled
  • Apps only
  • ADB only
  • Apps and ADB

Step 10: Choose any one from the above option as per your choice.

Step 11: Based on your choice a message will appear asking for permission to allow root access. It will also display a warning, stating: ‘Allowing apps to request root access is very dangerous and could compromise the security of the system!’

Step 12: Click on ‘OK’ button.

Step 13: Done. Now you have successfully enabled root access on CM13(CyanogenMod ROM 13).

That’s it. Now enjoy the benefit which comes with ROOT access on your Android device. You can also check root status by installing an app called Root Checker.