How to Fix KingRoot Not Working, ‘No Strategy Found’


KingRoot is a tool recently developed to make the rooting process easier. In a single click, you can root your device. Also, for this, you don’t have to connect your Android device to a PC. Lately, many users are troubled with KingRoot not working. If you are also facing the same issue on your Android device, you are in the right place. In this article, we will teach you how to fix KingRoot not working, ‘No Stratergy Found’ issues.


What is KingRoot?

KingRoot is a tool developed  by a group of developers. The tool is an application which in a single click can root user’s device. This tool is a savior for those users who don’t have much knowledge about recovery and flashing. Using this app, users don’t need to download anything else, as KingRoot does everything automatically with a single click.

Issues faced by the user while using KingRoot?

As per the problems reported by user, there are 3 common problems:

Problem 1: KingRoot application is not working on their Android based device’s.

Problem 2: If the KingRoot app is working, the process stops in between 20% to 50% and device reboot.

Problem 3: ‘No Stratergy Found’ Error.

So, before we jump to solution on how to fix these problems. Let’s have a look at what is the cause for these problems or error.

The cause for the Problem or Error in KingRoot app?

In order to figure out a solution, we need to find the cause of the problem or error. KingRoot like all other one-click rooting tool uses exploits found on Android Systems. So, for a new exploit, a new application has to be created by developers to enable it to root device in a single click.

If you have recently updated firmware on your device, the exploit is patched. This is the most common reason why one click rooting tool doesn’t function properly on your device.

The developers behind KingRoot works hard and generally provide updates frequently to support all firmware versions. However, if there is a delay you might have to switch to some other one click rooting tool.

Another cause can be a slow internet connection. KingRoot needs a good, speedy internet connection while it’s performing rooting on an Android device.

How to Fix KingRoot Not Working, ‘No Strategy Found’

After having a look at the cause for KingRoot not working or having errors. The solutions to fix these problems or errors are:

Solution 1: If you have recently updated the device with the latest firmware. Maybe that’s causing the KingRoot app to not function properly. As discussed above, sometimes the developers may not have created  the update to support the new firmware. So, you can downgrade to an older firmware version.

Solution 2: Though the app is designed to work without an internet connection. Sometimes, it may need an internet connection to get an update, so that it can properly root the device.

Solution 3: If the device is connected to the internet and also the firmware has not been updated. Then, are you using the latest version of KingRoot? If not, update your KingRoot app. However, if you are using the latest version and you ares till facing problems, then the only solution left is to wait for a new update of Kingroot or use any other one click root tool.