How to fix a water damaged phone easily?


    For a moment our world freezes when our smartphone slips from our hand and falls straight into the water. Doesn’t our heart skip a beat? As we aware we are doomed. That is, unless we have expensive waterproof smartphones. But most of us don’t. In this article we will tell you ways to fix a water damaged phone.

    Before we begin just a reminder nothing can be said will full guarantee whether the device will  work or it is damaged beyond repair. If the damage has already been done, we can hardly save the device and content present on the device. Regardless, sometimes our luck can favor us and save our device.

    Is is always suggested to keep a Backup of your phone always!


    What NOT TO DO when you take out your device from the pool of water?

    1. Do not try to immediately turn it on.
    2. Do not press anything, unless you are trying to switch off the device.
    3. Do not tap your device or bang it on your palm in order to make it work.
    4. Do not blow on it. As this could also send water to areas which aren’t affected yet.
    5. Do not heat your device in order to remove water from various part of the phone.
    6. Do not cool it down as well.

    What to do to fix a water damaged phone?

    Try to follow the below mentioned tricks:

    1: Immediately remove your device from the pool of water and keep it switched off

    I do get this situation is tricky. We often are in a state of shock. But don’t even waste a single second as the clock is ticking. The longer device remains in contact with water, there are more chances the device can be damaged beyond repair.

    Once the device is taken out, remove the parts which can be removed such as- Battery, SD card, Sim etc. Don’t try to interfere with internal parts. Also ensure that the device is switched off. If not, turn it off. Don’t try to turn it on immediately. Keep the removed parts and device in a dry place to remove the moisture.

    2: Dry your device

    There are areas which cannot be dried using a towel. So dry your device using a vacuum cleaner. Do not try to heat the device. Heating will only damage the device. It’s always a better and reliable solution to suck water out from the device.

    3: Ziplock the phone in a bag containing rice (It should be fully inside rice)

    This method is time consuming. You have to wait a couple of days to find out whether your device is functioning. In this method, you keep your device in a bag filled with rice and then zip lock it. Leave the bag for 3-4 days. Rice is very good at absorbing humidity. Thus, it can dry your device more quickly.

    Now when you try to switch on your device do ensure the parts you removed (SD card, Battery and Sim) are dry as well

    4: Use good absorbing agent such as Silica Gel

    Silica Gel is a good absorbing agent. There small packs are in the shoe box. If you place your device in a box of Silica Gel, these gel packs help you in dry out phone quickly.

    5: Rubbing the device with alcohol

    For this method you take use of Isopropyl alcohol. You place your device in a container and fill it with Isopropyl alcohol. Keep the device submerged in Isopropyl alcohol for 20-390 minutes. Isopropyl alcohol removes moisture from the device. Though there is no guarantee that it will work. Once your phone is dried, switch it on.

    Enjoy your working phone! Hope for the best after you have dried your device through these methods. If the device is working, observe it for 3-4 days. As water damages are hard to fix and sometimes not repairable. Be alert if it’s slower, turns off or keeps crashing at regular internal. Check your speaker and mic for clear sound. If the above methods don’t fix your damaged phone and bring it back to life, then it’s time to accept defeat and bid farewell to your smartphone.