How to fix Wi-Fi connectivity issues in Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge


Galaxy S7 and S7 edge smartphones were launched in February 2016. Both these Samsung devices are more impressive than their predecessors. Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are both advanced smartphones laced with powerful features and latest technology. Despite this they are not error free. After the issue of screen turning on/off on Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, Here we have another problem. In this article we will cover some common problems faced by Galaxy S7 and S7edge users and tips by which they can fix Wi-Fi connectivity issue.

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Is your Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge device having connectivity issue?


Having issues such as Wi-Fi connectivity or Bluetooth connectivity are common and faced by almost every Android users. The shocking thing is that even Galaxy S7 and S7 edge users are facing connectivity trouble. Recently many users have reported that they are having Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity issues in their Galaxy S7 and S7 edge.

How to determine whether your device indicates that there is some problem in connecting with the Wi-Fi?

  1. Very slow internet once the device is connected to Wi-Fi
  2. The connection keeps disconnecting and reconnecting at regular basis
  3. Having trouble in syncing application which work  using internet such as social networking apps, gmail etc.
  4. Having trouble in connecting to Wi-Fi in the first place.
  5. Your device does get connected to Wifi, but no internet.

These are the symptoms that your device is having Wi-Fi connectivity issue.

How to fix Wi-Fi connectivity issue in Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge?

Method 1- Reconnect with your Wi-Fi.

Turn off your Wi-Fi and then turn it on. You can also disable the connection by enabling aeroplane mode on your device.

Method 2- Reboot the device

Rebooting your device is one of the most common approaches. Switch off your device and then turn it on.

Method 3- Forget Network

Sometimes to resolve connectivity issue all you have to do is forget the network and then connect again.

Method 4- Charge the device

Sometimes when the device is running low on battery it can cause connectivity trouble. At this moment the device is in ‘Power Saving’ mode, which can be the cause. So by charging you can directly disable it. If you can’t charge your device at that time, then go to settings. In settings, go to the battery and disable it.

Method 5- Device up to date

It is necessary to keep the software and firmware on your device up to date. If they aren’t updated, update it. By installing the new updates you might be able to fix Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

Method 6- Turn off connectivity  to another device

If your device is paired up to any other device with Bluetooth and you are having trouble in connecting to Wi-fi. It’s recommended that you turn off Bluetooth and then connect your device to Wi-Fi.

Method 7- Reset the setting of your Device

This can be done by going into Settings. In settings, backup and reset. Then Reset Network Settings where in you can reset.

Method 8- Downgrade to older firmware

Are you facing this problem after updating your device? This may be due to a bug present in the latest firmware. If this is the case, then downgrade your device to resolve the issue.

Method 9-  Last Alternative/ Final Remedy

If none of the above mentioned methods work, then do a factory reset. Doing a factory reset is final remedy.

To do factory reset: Go to settings. In settings, choose Backup and reset. Then select Factory Data Reset. And then into Factory Data Reset select Reset Device.

Note: Before doing a factory reset, do take a backup of your android phone. By doing so you will be on a safer side and can avoid any data mishaps.

Hope this article is helpful  in fixing your problem.