How To Install Kodi on PS4? – Detailed Guide


Kodi is an unrated open source of media player, which has developed by XBMC. The open-source software is a freeware and does not cost you a penny for the service. One can use it to stream media (Music, Movies, Videos, and more) of all formats and it is based on various operating systems.

Gaming has never disappointed the market, and the consoles are extremely popular all over the world, and PS4 is among them. When PS4 coupled with Kodi, then things will take a different turn and take over the media to another platform. There are too many twists and forks involved when it comes to installing it on PS4 because it is against the “Sony” policies. You can check also check out Garageband PC incase you are looking to run Garageband app on your windows dekstop!

How To Install Kodi on PS4

Kodi is not available for PS4 officially, but there are ways to install it and make it function but lack of knowledge and guidance is leading many people to brick their PS4, or non-working Kodi installed on their PS4.

Let me make this very clear that installing Kodi on PS4 is not for a non-technical guy and will not be easy as it seems. You should be very careful when following step-by-step guide and let me warn you that this method will work for only untouched PS4.

You need Plex account before you proceed to install the full functional Kodi.

  • First, create a Plex account.
  • After you have completed the whole sign up process, you must wait few hours for the Plex account to connect it to the media.
  • Remain in “Stay in Trial mode.”
  • Now click on “Settings.
  • In settings, you have to enable Network discovery, Show camera roll, and Advertise as a server.

Note: You cannot directly have Kodi on your PS4, but with the means of Plex, you can do it.

Step 1: Turn on your PS4 and navigate it to the PlayStation Store on your device app on your device. Make sure you are launching the Store app before anything else.

Step 2: Navigate to the “Apps Section.”

Step 3:  In the “App Section,” filter it to “Popular” so that you can have all favorite apps on your screen.

Step 4: You need to find “Plex” app, so scroll down until you see it among the popular. If the search option is available, then the process will move faster.

Step 5: Click on “Install.”

Step 6: When the installation is finished, you can start to access the app.

Step 7: Plex has several options, which will help you access Kodi via smartphones running Android & iOS operating system.

Step 8: Now you will have a link on your screen, which you have to click to proceed to next step.

Step 9: You have a code on your screen after clicking on the link, which you have to type on the blank.

Step 10: Once the linking is successful, you will be welcomed with a message “App Linked.”

Step 11: Now you have to go back to the plex ID and remain in “Stay in Trial mode.”

You must have these three enable,

  • Network discovery,
  • Show camera roll,
  • And Advertise as a server.

Despite spending time in other areas to find a better alternative for the PS4, there aren’t many ways you can get Kodi on your PS4. We are aware of the scenario that the PS3 has a more straightforward solution, but for the newer models, this is the only method available in the market as of now.

*1 Additional Information for Newbies

We understand that most of you have heard about Kodi and aware about its benefits, but a lot of you are not sure what exactly it does for your PS4 or any model of PS4. Which is why we are going to cover this part, so that newbies can understand the value of the Kodi and see if Kodi can add value to their PS4.

  1. Play Station market is vast and potential investors are always looking ways to invest into the gaming business, but Play station lacks Audio and Video capabilities because the brands limit them on purpose to keep the gaming area entertained. Kodi unleashes the power of Audio & Video a Play station can produce. So you have a multimedia player, which opens up full-potential of the play station.
  2. Kodi has its limitations, which is the downside of it but it has already solved ever since Plex has introduced for Kodi. The number of add-ons Plex adds more value to the Kodi open-source media player, which will enrich your multimedia platform.

A regular guy requires more focus on the subject and needs a proper step-by-step guide to have a fully-functional Kodi on their PS4.

  1. The XBMC  has launched it long ago, and they have ensured to make the Kodi available on multiple platforms, which gives you the user an advantage to use its various platforms and is based on HTPC application.
  2. You have to Plex service to create a bridge between Kodi and PS4.


As for gaming, nope, Kodi does not improve graphics system or boots any other component of the Play Station. We would love to know what are your thoughts in the comment section below.