How to Upload Whatsapp DP Without Cropping


Whatsapp messenger is very popular. The main reason behind its popularity is its simple and user friendly. One of the restriction which bugs most of the users is they can only upload square sized photos. In order to do so the user has to either choose a square sized photo or crop them in a square shape. In this article we will show you how you can set your Whatsapp display picture or profile picture in Android phones without cropping the image. This guide is also useful for any other social networking sites apart from Whatsapp, which also allows only square pictures to be set as a profile picure.

Most of us look for ways by which we can upload our profile picture without the need to crop. But since android takes picture in landscape or portrait mode, we have to crop. And we do this with a very heavy heart as sometimes an important part of the pictures also get cropped in the process. Since Whatsapp is very famous. There are also various tricks which come in handy in any situation/ trouble we face while using Whatsapp. One such issue is cropping the image in square size so they can set as Whatsapp profile picture/ display picture.

How to set Whatsapp Profile pictures/ Whatsapp DP without cropping? How to set the Whatsapp display picture in full size without crop?

So what’s the solution if we don’t want to crop the profile picture? This article contains the solution by which you can set the desired picture without cropping. The solution is to use Squareoid App. We will not only discuss with you about the ‘SquareDroid: Full Photo/ No Crop App’ but also tell you how you can use it to resize the profile picture/ display picture.

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What’s a SquareDroid: Full Photo/ No Crop App?

With the help of SquareDroid: Full Photo/ No Crop App, you can set any desired display picture without cropping. This is achieved by resizing the image. SquareDroid: Full Photo/ No Crop App is a very simple and easy to use application. It resizes the image without cropping any part of the image and fit it in a square size. There are various apps available in the market, but Squaredoid is a tested and reliable application. You can easily choose the images from the gallery. Also, you can share the resized image on other social networking sites as well. Though if you aren’t using the pro version, then random advertisement might pop up on your screen. Only the pro version of SquareDroid: Full Photo/ No Crop App is free from ads.

How to resize photos using SquareDroid?


Step 1: Install the SquareDroid: Full Photo/ No Crop App on your Android phone.

Step 2: After successful installation, open the app.

Step 3: A menu appears on the screen which includes ‘Pick a photo’, ‘Take a photo’ and ‘Settings’.

Step 4: Choose ‘pick a photo’ from the menu.

Step 5: Select the picture you want to set as a profile picture.

Step 6: The SquareDroid: Full Photo/ No Crop App will  now resize the picture instantly without cropping anything from the picture.

Step 7: Now save the picture. You can also choose the quality of the image. To save the image, press the icon which appears at the top right corner of the device’s screen.

Step 8: Now open Whatsapp and set the newly resized image as Whatsapp profile picture/ Display picture.

That’s it. Now you get your desired picture in square size, which can easily be uploaded on Whatsapp without cropping.